Leveraging the strength of partnerships

One of Stillbrook’s core strengths is its partnerships and ability to leverage these partnerships to be a catalyst for innovation. 

Through the advice of many, we have been able to develop a model that is cost-effective and well-positioned to meet the needs of communities across the province.


The Stillbrook Team

 Stillbrook’s success will be based not only on the engagement of a large number of key stakeholders, but on the commitment of our team members, each with unique experience and expertise. From government officials to builders to designers to operators to funders, we have assembled a team from many sectors to provide not just a housing solution but a housing and care solution for older adults in need. 

 Our architects have decades of experience designing facilities within the public sector, having a focus on the balance between functionality and liveability. 

Our partners







Green: Our goal is to provide a building that achieves the highest levels of LEED and Passive House specifications to ensure sustainability and energy conservation.  

Responsible: We have leveraged the private market to obviate the need for public sector financing as much as possible.

Caring: Our staff will be hired only after each person provides a clear commitment that they understand and will live the Stillbrook values every day, ensuring that residents are treated with respect and dignity. 


Culture of Continous Improvement: Our VP, Resident Services will be constantly overseeing the quality of the services we provide through our staff and our partners. From food quality, to enriching activities, to compassionate nursing care, we will deliver an environment of safety and security.