An innovative solution to the need for accessible retirement living in Ontario

 Across Ontario we are seeing a growing population of seniors with specific housing needs not being met by existing options. Many older adults in the province are insecurely housed; should a minor medical event occur, they may not be able to return home. Many are lonely, disenfranchised seniors who now find themselves in hospital with no place to go. They may not be able to return to homes with stairs, small spaces unsuited to the requirements of mobility aids, or at a distance from the supports they now need. Many do not have family members or friends who can assume responsibility for their care. 


Serving a growing number of vulnerable seniors

 Stillbrook Retirement Residences has been designed unlike any previous concept in affordable housing for vulnerable populations. We started with the premise that as a not for profit organization committed to the care of vulnerable seniors, we could design a new environment that would be able to meet the health needs of residents and do so cost-effectively…and at scale.

We will leverage technology to facilitate connectivity to local health service partners, minimizing the need for residents to travel to receive their care.
Our intention is to build 100 residences across the province, each with 178 suites, serving 190 individuals. We will essentially create an entirely new sector in health and housing. 


Accessible For All

 We started with a monthly cost target that was 50% of the average cost of retirement homes and “reverse engineered” our structure and services to meet that target. We are excited that municipalities across the province are working with us to provide subsidies wherever possible to help us achieve these targets. 

Our team is strong and experienced in the design, building, financing, and maintaining of similar projects in addition to the capabilities needed to service and support our residents.


A New Retirement Living Option For Older Adults That Is Safe, Dignified and Affordable


Stillbrook is the first not-for-profit organization that has developed an accessible model of retirement living at scale which is focused on seniors who can no longer live at home but cannot afford the for-profit retirement home offerings in Ontario. 


Innovative Design and Energy Efficiency

Through innovative design, Stillbrook has created a scalable model of new-build housing that is safe, supportive and sustainable. Direct care will be provided by highly skilled PSW staff. Our goal is to create a living environment that is dignified and healthful, keeping our residents out of the health care system. Our goal is to focus on marginalized seniors in the community, ALC patients waiting in hospitals and seniors living precariously in their homes. As a community, each Stillbrook Residence will provide an option to the isolation and loneliness that currently plagues older adults across the province. 

We also want to care for our environment, so each residence will incorporate the latest technologies that promote energy efficiency.


Experts Who Care

  We have assembled a team of experts with extensive knowledge of the needs of older adults in the design and construction of our residences as well as a thorough understanding of what makes these communities thrive. Each Stillbrook Residence will become a core aspect of a “Campus of Care”...a focus of seniors living that is connected to the community and the local health system.