Member, Board of Directors


Leighton is President and Chief Executive Officer of Closing the Gap Healthcare, a provider of

home and community based multidisciplinary healthcare services to clients across Ontario and Nova Scotia. An accomplished business leader and physician executive, Leighton has experience in the fields of occupational medicine, health systems management, health insurance and clinical risk management.

With a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Cape Town and postgraduate

qualifications in Occupational Medicine, Global Health and Executive Leadership, Leighton has used his skills to develop and lead a number of motivated, high-performing leadership teams across a broad range of healthcare settings in South Africa and Canada. A firm belief in building on individual strengths of team members to develop strong leaders is central to his leadership


Leighton started his career in clinical practice and, after spending time in the field of emergency surgery, transitioned into healthcare administration and management. He has held leadership positions in healthcare funding and healthcare delivery settings as well as in the field of Managed Care – the common theme being the pursuit of enhanced health system sustainability through the prevention, early detection and appropriate management of illness within integrated healthcare systems.

In addition to his role at Closing the Gap Healthcare, Leighton is on the Board of Directors at

Casey House, a Toronto hospital exclusively for patients with HIV/AIDS.

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